iCapital Network gives advisors a full suite of tools and services to integrate alternative investments into client portfolios. Unlock the positive benefits of adding alternatives to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds while improving the overall investment experience with iCapital's simplified, technology-based solutions.

  • Access institutional-quality alternative investment offerings at terms and minimums structured for individual investors ($100K or less minimums in most cases).
  • Evaluate a range of investment offerings including, private equity, private credit, and hedge fund strategies with in-platform due diligence and analytics.
  • Complete and execute subscription documents, capital calls, financial statements, and tax reporting using our streamlined subscription and reporting solutions.


Note:  Registration is open to advisors and their team members. Investors with existing investments must be invited to register by their advisors. Interested parties should contact the investor or advisor. For more information, or to be introduced to an adivsor contact us.




Millennium Trust Company is a leading provider of alternative asset custody solutions for institutions, advisors, and individuals. You can easily use or open your Millennium Trust Company IRA or custodial account to purchase your choice of investments, including the types of alternative investments available through iCapital Network. Millennium Trust Company is not affiliated with iCapital Network and Millennium Trust Company does not endorse or recommend any platform or investment.
Millennium Trust Company acts as a directed custodian for IRAs and other custodial accounts and does not provide any investment, tax or legal advice, or recommendations to investors, or conduct any due diligence on any platform or investment for you.